Building Your Professional Network

The Network is the centre of your business communications strategy! Without a network your business has no way of sending or receiving vital digital information. DATATECH provides network installation and maintenance services. Using professional grade hardware from Ubiquiti we are able to build your Office, Store or Hotel network with ease. We just need to plan your network with you, then we build the dream!

How do you want your network managed?

We offer two ways of managing your network! Locally or Centrally Managed (Remote).


1) Locally Managed:

A locally managed network is only accessible onsite! This means that if you require any changes or maintenance to your network, we will need to come to your site to perform tasks (call out costs may apply). This is a very secure option as all the administration data for the network stays on your site, and your site alone!

2) Centrally Managed (Remote):

A centrally managed network makes things a lot easy for us as network administrators. From any remote location we can securely connect in to your network. While connected to your network we can perform troubleshooting, upgrades and any maintenance tasks. Access is provided via a secure connection via the Ubiquiti Single Sign In Portal, access to our Cloud Hosted Network Controller or accessing your Remote On Site Controller. The Portal / Cloud / Site controllers allows us to monitor multiple networks at once all from a remote location at any time.

Centrally managed is great for fast, easy and secure access to your network at any time. This means that your network settings are accessible locally and remotely (via DATATECH only). We highly recommend a centrally managed network, but in the end it is all down to your personal preferences.

Your Professional Network Hardware

Lets start at the centre of your new network. The centre piece of your network starts with the Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen 2. This piece of hardware has a number of uses which allows Remote Monitoring, Network Management, Upgrade and Secure your network. The Cloud Key Gen 2 centralises all the settings for your network. The cloud key backs up all the settings for your network, this allows us to restore settings if something goes wrong.


We can monitor all the network hardware and make sure it is running up to date Software and Firmware. We monitor hardware to make sure it is running at optimal levels and your system security is working as it should. If you choose to add security cameras to your network, the cloud key gen 2 has a build in 1TB hard drive for recording and accessing CCTV videos. Need more space for CCTV videos? We can upgrade the cloud keys hard drive to a 5TB hard drive at your request! We recommend a maximum of 15 cameras connected to the cloud key. But for a large CCTV system we would recommend a dedicated CCTV system with backup etc.

Get Connected Security!

The connection your network relies on should be reliable, secure and fast! This is why we use the UniFi Security Gateway Pro. This router is designed to be secure, fast and easy to manage. The router is centrally managed by the Cloud key Gen 2 hardware (but can be managed stand alone). Via the Cloud key we can easily set up security settings, network port forwarding, VLAN's plus much more. This routing hardware gives us Robust Configuration, Control and Monitoring 24/7! A central managed system is highly recommended!

Distribution of Network Traffic

Connecting all your hardware together with high speed and highly reliable switching hardware. We use UniFi switches to connect all your hardware systems together. As with the router at the top of your network, the UniFi switch systems are controlled via the Cloud Key Gen 2 system. All UniFi hardware ties up in to the Cloud key system, this allows easy management of traffic and network segments. Note that the network switches can be manged without a cloud key, but we recommend the centralised option to tie up all settings in to one easy to manage interface.

Additional Hardware

In addition to the wired network hardware we provide professional WIFI hardware and options. Again using UniFi Professional Hardware we are able to distribute wireless access via high speed, reliable WIFI access points. With centralisation in mind the WIFI access points tie in to the cloud Key Gen 2 system, allowing total control of your Wireless Network! With options to provide guest networks with a captive portal and segmented WIFI access. You will find adding additional WIFI access to your network very easy and robust.

Adding CCTV security is very easy, it's as easy as connecting cameras via a network cable and adding the cameras to the UniFi Protect service. The Protect service handles all your CCTV cameras and recordings. The Protect service is built in to the Cloud Key Gen 2 hardware. However if your site requires more than 15 cameras, we would suggest a dedicated CCTV system.

Connect a remote site via a non wired connection or Site to Site VPN. Do you have another office close by? Why not send your network connection over to the new office via a high speed wireless connection. UniFi have a number of ways to do this via their selection of NanoBeam hardware. Allow dynamic communication via simple means. You also have the option to connect to another site via a Site to Site VPN using Ubiquiti hardware. We can set up a site to site VPN via our cloud based controller. Have all your sites on the same robust network.

Network Support Packages 

DATATECH offer three Network Support Packages. After your network is built we are dedicated to keeping your network up and running, up to date and secure! Choose one of the Network Support Packages which suites you best. We support the basic local only network controller, to the more advanced cloud hosted controllers. Our secure cloud hosted controllers allow us to monitor your network hardware, troubleshoot, correct, secure and update your network. All this from anywhere in the world. This allows for on demand support and just in time network access if something starts to go wrong.

With cloud hosted support packages (Mid & High) we can also add new hardware to your site before we even arrive. All the configurations that we would normally do on site can all be done from our office. Once we are on site, all we need to do is plug the hardware in. This approach saves time and makes adding or replacing hardware on your network easy and flexible. Note that there are no additional licensing costs for Ubiquiti network hardware. Simply buy, install and manage.

Check out our Network Support Packages here. We also have a quick FAQ here.

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